Educational Institutions

WAE from 2012 has been working with top notch Institutions across India and has been providing fully customized solutions to the students through exclusive partnership with the Institute.

We believe in professional partnership and work on a fully action oriented MOU with our partner institutes.

CLIENT STORY //  Engineering College based out of Jaipur

This is being known as one of the Transformational stories in the Engineering College Campus Placement History.  With its momentous training program WAE was able to increase placements in the top most IT Service Provider of India for this Jaipur based Group of Engineering Colleges for their 2016 Batch by 3000 % for that particular Company.

While identifying critical success factors (CSF) for this case, we found that turnaround was experienced due to the following  -

  1. Focused and Outcome based Training (With Daily Assessment).

  2. Combination of Hard & Soft Skills.

  3. Moderate Motivation combined with hand-holding.

  4. Inducing peer learning.

  5. Mock Tests

  6. Simulated Interviews to reduce panic for real time experience.

CLIENT STORY //  A Jodhpur based Education Group


This case study exhibits WAE's focus on Training Effectiveness & Efficiency (TEE) approach that it uses and this Education Group based out of Jodhpur is an exemplary case of the same.

Here WAE focused on converting the placements despite the total number of students being less and the result was extra ordinary. We were able to received the best conversion rate consecutively for two years for a French MNC's bulk recruitment drives for 2018 & 2019 Batches.

The CSF in this case were:

  1. Conducting Boot Camps as per need.

  2. Regular Online Test with Feedback.

  3. Taking Online Tests Multiple times ensuring re-in-forced learning. (RIFE).

  4. Forming focused group for In-Campus resident students.

  5. Motivational Session by WAE Leadership at regular intervals (Top to Bottom driven).

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