• Mahima Goyal

Be A Clever Opportunistic In Your Career

Yes!! Do you read that third word in heading? Clever...!! We said a clever opportunistic because first, one may not be a opportunistic at all and second, one may be so opportunistic that he lands up in a bad deal most of the times. Being a good and clever opportunistic always means that the person should know and evaluate the correct opportunities coming in his or her way. Sometimes we do understand that few of the times you have to make a quick decisions, yeah, at the spot decisions but for sure the probability of such moments is low and at those moments all we can do is taking a quick decision considering the short term results. But most of the times we do land up with opportunities where we get some time to at least evaluate the results that opportunity could give us. to evaluate??


1. You can see that, is the opportunity aligning with your dream and direction of goal?

2. You can write down on a pen and paper, the pron and cons of the opportunity and to see which weighs more, then accordingly selecting the opportunity.

Never ever leave the opportunity because you don't have time as you have probably heard that saying, "Where there is a will...there is a way". Try to learn everything that is coming your way and try to keep you active by giving competitions and keep collecting feathers in your cap.

At the end just want to say, things are not going to happen based on your luck. It will happen when you keep grabbing these small-small opportunities and these small opportunities that you grab, will bring you closer to your dreams.

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