• Mahima Goyal

Crack GD and be a pro in discussions

A person is by nature the most adaptable being. The true nature of human involves victoriously emerging out of troubles and problems.

An invisible virus is causing threats and it succeeds in putting comma to all the flow of the world. Many internships, jobs have been revoked amid the crisis and people are in confusion about the uncertainty that covid will bring to their lives. But moving forward with hope of better future is expected from human beings and which it will be as after every night comes the bright morning. There remains uncertainty that whether the jobs will be there after situation gets better as many companies are looking forward to start their business in India or will still there will be more loss of jobs. No one could predict about it and it is better one should not because predicting and worrying about the future is not significant but what most significant is preparing for the future.

Whatever the future is it is important to up skill and upgrade oneself. This is the only and the most important thing one can do and one should do.

To help you in your journey in upgrading and upskilling yourself WAE played its role as a mentor to guide you in your direction. WAE brought to your door the class of campus placement in Group Discussion and Personal interview. It was the class of learning and fun of ten hours free workshop on 3rd June 2020. The workshop helped the students to crack the toughest nut of recruitment process, that is, group discussions and also learn about the steps to crack interview and your dream company.

Prepare your journeys with us and not only aim to clear the group discussion round but to leave your mark that even after the discussion gets over, people can't stop talking about your GD skills. Let yourself get enrolled to the GD course and crack the GD with some smart tips and skills.

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