How should I choose my career? What is “My Type” job?

A basic question comes into our mind while thinking about career and future. What’s the solution for this? Career Counselling , yes you all must have heard about it. It is the best thing you can go with when you are confused between choosing your stream, choosing your future job, choosing your suitable job, choosing your path to earn money.

You must have think of how can I earn money in which direction should I dwell into??

These questions arises when you are not sure about your career and goals.

Just take a minute think...

What is your vision? What is your aim in life?

What are your goals? What are your skill set?

Are all these aligned?

If not then you need counselling.

What is career counselling?

It is a way to set a tune between the person's skills set and his job expectations.

Career counselling is an essential factor for identifying the real potential and guiding students towards a right career path. Students need to know the importance of career coaching and right guidance before they are going to choose an academic stream.

It helps to find out person's strengths and weakness and give guidance at their best.

How career counselling helps?

It takes your personality and aptitude tests and counsellor will try you know your strengths in and out and will give best guidance to which is suitable for you.

Choosing right career path helps you :-

· Guides best on increased competition:- If you have skills set in particular stream then you get good grades which helps you to enter into right competition and win the race.

· Inner Motivation:- For whatever work we do we need motivation to do, once you chosen the right path you will start working with your own without much external effort.

· Job satisfaction:- If you are doing job of your choice then you must be satisfied will give good results to your job work.

· Stress free:- When you study the subjects and do work of your choice then you feel relaxed while studying and working.

Between the age of 15-30 everyone should take career counselling at least once, so that you don't mislead between your goals and current position.

How to get career counselling now?

You all tried to get guidance form your elder one while choosing career and taking big decision, yes this may help but not because they can't judge you with your weakness.

So one should take counselling from a good organization like WAE consultancy services provides guidance and it is well known for this service.

Nowadays everyone is looking forward towards their career planning, you can easily take counselling even through digital platform by having some real time tests and one to one interaction.



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