Be pro in learning new skill fast

First think why you want to Upskill , find the reason behind it among the following

Upskill - for work promotion ?

Upskill-to move into new field ?

Upskill- to get a sharp mind ?

Upskill- any other reason?

Just be sure behind the reason for skilling up and then start your journey to Upskill yourself

1) Do preliminary research : One should do good research about their goals and skills where you want to go and what will provide you best benefits out of that. Whichever option gives you more value is need to be done.

visit some exceptional training programmes to research about your field trainins.

2) Set SMART goals: While deleting one option and you should set goal for your deadline while following the SMART approach which say your goals should be Specific, measurable, achievable, reliable and time bound.

3) Think about the dream : While learning always think about the dream and reason behind your upskilling , this will definitely motivate you to work hard and be consistent towards your skills set you are working on.

4) Read, read and Read : The power of self-managed learning through reading can never be overestimated. Hit up your local library or bookstore this weekend and you will no doubt find a plethora of useful textbooks that will help you develop new and relevant skill fast.

5) Share it with 1-2person: If you share your dream behind learning new skills with one or two person than till will always led you to complete the task as soon as possible.

6)Practice and learn : Practising everyday what you are learning makes you decreasing the gap between your skills set goal and you. Keep learning and keep pracsing those skills on regular intervl will definelty add new skill to yur profile soon.


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