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Now a days, Its very common among teenagers & young people to feel stressed out. It’s a part of life but in some situation it takes a toll on the health of your kid. If you are worrying about you child who is under lot of stress because of academic performance, social & academic pressure, career choice etc. you can take help from an expert professional counselor.

Here is how you as a parent can identify the need of a counselor for your kids.

1. Kids in their growing age, show some behavioral issues when they socialize with others, they can face difficulty in expressing emotions, their behavioral issues can be like this –

Inappropriate expression of anger or love.

Showing signs of hurting others

Refusing to follow instructions of elders

Irregular eating or sleeping cycle etc.

2. During their academic years, children or teenagers go through a lot of stress. Researches prove that Secondary educational stress is the biggest cause of stress among students & their parents as well. When they are in middle or high school, they can also face struggle in formatting their identity, socializing with others, expectations from them in academics, comparison with others etc. as a parent you should monitor their behavior when they-

Do negative self comparison

Addict to social media rather than studies

Irregular eating or sleeping

Sudden dieting & exercise which is excessive according to them

Show Irritating & impatient behavior

Showing sudden change in their academic performance / extra curricular activities

Suicidal thoughts

3. Further, there is a need of counselor, when its your child’s secondary boards & he/she have to choose their career path or stream. Generally, students do blunders while choosing stream because they either listen to their friends or there is pressure from parents. Due to these, they choose wrong career paths which can ruin their future. An expert can unleash their full potential & make them aware about what suits them best.

WAE Academic counseling helps you to connect with our expert counselors, who can help you to reduce stress of your growing kid. Counseling is in trend & is preferred by people because sometimes an expert is needed, are accessible by almost everyone, & affordable & convenient. These counseling sessions improve understanding, create a better image of future, channel the behavior or feelings of teenagers towards the problematic areas , encourage them to discover self, provide guidance on their growth trajectory, Help them to identify strength & weakness through individual SWOT Analysis, provide guidance in career choices, school or college selection etc. All in all these sessions help in overcoming academic stress & identifying what suits students best.

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