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Do you know that almost 93% of students aged 14-21 know only about 7 career options though there are more than 250 different types of career options available in India. A recent survey by Mindler on career option awareness among Indian students revealed this data. Also, In India, people are not aware about the concept of professional counseling much except the major cities. This lack of awareness creates a need of Professional counselors to guide the students about what career path suits them best. The role of parents become very crucial in this era when there are many new career options & jobs being added every year rather than just make your child a doctor or an engineer.

High school counselors help students to improve their performance academically, socially & personally & give them assistance about the options they can choose after high school. The motive of the counselor is the overall development of the student or the client. These counseling session helps to reduce academic stress of students, improve their understanding, channel their behavioral patterns in the right direction, broader their mindsets about life. Counseling is actually beneficial especially during this Pandemic Situation because It completely transformed how things being done. So, students ! its better to get expert advice from professionals about your career needs & changing market trends, Right .

The counseling is considered more beneficial because you can remain it confidential, when you meet the counselor in person or online, your talk generally remain confidential, no need to worry about being caught ( Social Stigma ), you can remain anonymous if you want to.

To address the problems of students WAE brought High school counseling sessions ( For Students of class 11th & above & for Fresher also ) from our professional counselors who are responsible to assist you & Your parents as well. These are professional counselors who have expertise in this field & worked on many cases & with schools also. These counselors address the issues of a student by observations & need analysis & provide a consistent support system on an interpersonal level. These counselors provide professional assistance needed to overwhelmed students about their college or university selection, career path, selection of their growth trajectory or what suits them in terms of academic & professional growth. These online counseling session from WAE are easily accessible, very preferred & are in trend. These sessions are affordable & also the need of the hour especially in this COVID-19 era.

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